April 26, 2011

Season Finale

Well everyone tonight was the season finale. I don’t know about you, but I was disappointed. They left us with a cliffhanger. If you followed closely from every episode, every time Melanie says “definitely” it means she is lying. So when the doctor asked her about the abortion and she said “definitely not” Derwin knew she was lying and something was up. I think that was a stupid way to end the season if though its meant to make you look out for the next season. I would be really disappointed if they didn’t come out with another season to clarify and give us closure to every character’s storyline.

Like it ended with Malik’s ex-girlfriend (the supermodel) arriving at his house drunk, Tasha getting fired as Derwin’s agent and choosing to represent Malik, Jason trying to get back with his ex from last season ‘Camille’ but not knowing that she is currently dating their new quarterback. This is so much drama to put in one episode and its unclear how everything ended. What makes it more disappointing is how BET was advertising it saying its going to be something big and shocking. The only thing shocking was that Melanie may have been pregnant. I believe that if they didn’t over exaggerate the episode, I probably wouldn’t have been so disappointed. Also I should have seen this coming since in real life Melanie’s character Tia Mowry is really pregnant, so obviously BET had to incorporate something as her belly is going to be showing while they might be filming season 5.

Over all I think it could have been a better season ending. What do you think?

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