April 26, 2011

Season Finale

Well everyone tonight was the season finale. I don’t know about you, but I was disappointed. They left us with a cliffhanger. If you followed closely from every episode, every time Melanie says “definitely” it means she is lying. So when the doctor asked her about the abortion and she said “definitely not” Derwin knew she was lying and something was up. I think that was a stupid way to end the season if though its meant to make you look out for the next season. I would be really disappointed if they didn’t come out with another season to clarify and give us closure to every character’s storyline.

Like it ended with Malik’s ex-girlfriend (the supermodel) arriving at his house drunk, Tasha getting fired as Derwin’s agent and choosing to represent Malik, Jason trying to get back with his ex from last season ‘Camille’ but not knowing that she is currently dating their new quarterback. This is so much drama to put in one episode and its unclear how everything ended. What makes it more disappointing is how BET was advertising it saying its going to be something big and shocking. The only thing shocking was that Melanie may have been pregnant. I believe that if they didn’t over exaggerate the episode, I probably wouldn’t have been so disappointed. Also I should have seen this coming since in real life Melanie’s character Tia Mowry is really pregnant, so obviously BET had to incorporate something as her belly is going to be showing while they might be filming season 5.

Over all I think it could have been a better season ending. What do you think?

Tasha Mack and her Lovers

Tasha Mack has never had much luck with her love life during past seasons of the show. Her most memorable relationship was with Rick Fox in season 3, in which she really did have deep feelings for him. When the relationship came to an end, Tasha was heartbroken over how she had just lost a really good guy. However, things seemed to be looking good for her when she started seeing Dante in the beginning of season 4. Although Dante is in his 20’s and a couple of years younger than her son, Tasha never seemed to mind at all because she was into Dante and he was definitely into her.

Tasha’s past relationships always seem to be going fine at first, until eventually she does something or says something foolish to mess up the chemistry of the relationship. With Rick Fox, she didn’t trust him and always seemed the need to protect herself from getting hurt. She was also very insecure when it came to Dante and always felt the need to boast about how much money she makes and the number of fancy things she can purchase. These particular behavioral traits that Tasha had, made her unsuccessful in ever making these relationships last and after Dante she needed time for herself. Then she met Ronnie, a terminally ill man who taught Tasha how to really live her life to the fullest.

Ronnie was a different type of guy. He lived everyday day like it was his last and taught Tasha to appreciate the little things because life isn’t always about the money and fame. Sometimes it’s more about living life daily like its your last day because you will never know what to expect on the next. This was especially the case for Ronnie since he had cancer and could go any minute. He looked at things differently and took a lot of chances to accomplish things that he wanted to in life.

If anything, I believe this guy really changed Tasha and hopefully she will have better luck when choosing her next.

Overall Thoughts of the show so far

From following the show since season 2, the show has changed a lot. The show use to be aired on the CW network where the characters made more money, now its aired on BET and it’s not the same. The characters’ personalities are no longer the same. To me, the show has lost flavor. The director has tried to put too many things going on in one episode. I find that the storyline is all over the place between the different characters. The characters are now in different stages of their lives. Derwin and Melanie are now married and Melanie is a doctor and president of the Sunbeams. Derwin is now the famous football player. Janay now has Derwin’s child which is named DJ (Derwin Jr). Malik is in rehab and dating a supermodel. Tasha is dating Donte a much younger man. Kelly and Jason are now divorced and Kelly is out of the picture because she realizes she needs help.

How has each character changed and developed?

Malik’s : this season as a whole has changed from being all about himself to actually caring about other people. His attitude has changed since has gone to rehab, it’s as if he has a new lease on life. He now views things from a different point of view.

Derwin and Melanie: are learning to live as a married couple along with coping with the fact that Derwin is the father of Janay’s baby. Melanie is also dealing with not having a actually career and just being a stay at home wife.

Tasha and Donte: Tasha is in denial and trying to come to terms with the fact that Donte is much younger than her, and the fact that Donte wants to date her and make it official in public.

Kelly and Jason: Now that Jason and Kelly are divorced, Jason is co-hosting the show ‘benched’ and living life. While Kelly is busy making her own reality show, and trying to be in the spot light. It seems as though she is craving attention since she no longer has fame as when she was the head of the sunbeam girls group.

Overall I think this season is proving to be more dramatic and life changing for all the characters in the show.  I just hope that when they decide to write the next season, it is actually an hour long or try not to put so much in 30mins.